Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find my paper on your site?

At we've made ordering so simple.  Just type in a few keywords in the search box located on almost any page of this site, press "enter" or click on the search button, and a page listing appropriate papers will be generated in order of relevance.

What do I get with my paper?

All papers on-file and all custom-written papers come with a free bibliography page. What do we mean by a free bibliography page? When our clients order a 5 page paper they get five pages of text and a sixth page with all of the sources cited in the paper absolutely free. Most of the proven-to-please papers we have on-file will state if they come with a bibliography, but some of them are opinion essays or creative writing essays that don't require bibliographies. All of our custom research essays come with a complete bibliography containing the valuable sources cited in the essay.

How many words are there in one page of text?

There are approximately 225 words in every text page we write. All prices are base on this number so simply calculate the appropriate number of pages you need according to our trusted word count. For example, a ten-page paper will contain at least 2,250 words. We ALWAYS exceed the required word count.

How do I place my order?

Here at we have made ordering your essays and term papers as easy as 1-2-3. If you need one of our proven papers on-file, simply click on "buy this paper" and an easy to use form will appear. Just fill in your payment information, click on our disclaimer agreement, and we will process your request and send your paper in to you in as little as ten minutes. To streamline the process and make it even faster, we ask that you call to let us know that you have submitted your request. If you would like one of our popular custom-written research papers, simply click on the order link and select the custom paper option and fill in all your specific requirements. Then just click on our disclaimer agreement and you will be quickly on your way to receiving the best paper available on the Internet! If you want to confirm your order at once simply call us to confirm it yourself with us, or we will return your call ASAP to confirm your details.

Ordering an essay from a trusted name like EssayWriterStud Inc. will be one of the best moves you've made all semester. We're the experts, we're fast, and we guarantee your satisfaction!  We are here to help you. You aren't just an invoice number to us, like you are at some of those other sites. Try us, you will be happy you did.

What if I can't find a paper in your database that meets my needs?

There are millions of potential paper topics out there. We have written a LOT of papers, but if we don't have one yet on your specific topic, simply order one of our popular custom-researched, custom-written papers with all your requirements included for only $18.95 a page, and you will receive your paper when you want it or your paper is FREE!  We're fast! We usually get your paper to you well ahead of the deadline agreed to, but if we don't, it's FREE!

How can I be sure I will receive what I order?

As we do at all of EssayWriterStud' sites, we will email you the first page of any essay, report, or term paper so you can see what you will be receiving. Take advantage of this unique offer today! We want you to order with confidence, so give us a try.

What is your return and refund policy?

At EssayWriterStud, we take great pride in being a company that offers expertise, the fastest service on the World Wide Web, and complete trust. For papers that we don't send to you on time your paper is FREE.  Please note of course that if your email is not working, or if the problem is on your end, this guarantee does not apply. If this is the case just call us and we will email you another copy of your paper right away. 

All of our on-file pre-written essays have a clear NO refund policy, because we are dealing with intellectual property.  Once you read it you have the information, so a refund cannot apply. 

Also, once you order a custom-written essay from us, we cannot stop the charge on 
your credit card due to required policies of the credit card companies that work with us.  But we guarantee your satisfaction, so this is not an issue.  Remember, we provide prompt, reliable, and expert service at low prices, and you can count on those services EVERY time you order from the trusted name of EssayWriterStud.

How can I pay?

The vast majority of our clients prefer to pay by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express or Discover.  But we also allow students to pay by Western Union or by Check/Money Order.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business writing for local students since 1995 but have been a popular on-line e-commerce site since 1999. Our proven expertise and dedication to providing world-class service to students around the world have won us many impressed clients, who team up with us again and again when they need professional help with their papers.  They value our services and we value their loyalty.  Join our team today, and see why so many students come to us when they need that big paper done.

Who writes my model paper?

Our clients know from personal experience that all our papers are researched and written by the best scholars in the business. The experienced professionals on our proven staff all have M.A's and Phd's in their field of specialization, and many have multiple graduate degrees.  In addition to these impressive credentials, all our writers have been published in academic journals, or have written books, and have many years of scholarly experience.

Let them help you with that tough paper! Order a paper from us today and see for yourself! With all the guarantees we offer our clients, you can't possibly go wrong.

Who will be charging my credit card?

All charges by our company will appear on your statement as "EssayWriterStud Inc." for the price agreed upon.

How do you compare with other sites on the net?

There are other companies on-line that offer the same service. Our policy at EssayWriterStud Inc. is to refrain from making negative comments about other sites. We prefer to discuss the overwhelming positive attributes of our company and what we can offer you. We strongly believe that students will make up their minds on the merits of what we are offering and the valuable client loyalty we have earned. 

Marcel, the owner of EssayWriterStud Inc. makes sure his clients get what they want in their papers. Providing a personal touch to the business inspires confidence in his clients, and brings them back again and again.  Although Marcel takes most of the orders from clients personally, other helpful representatives are also available to take your order if Marcel is talking with another client when you call.  If you prefer to order directly from the owner himself, simply ask for Marcel and he will be happy to take your order himself.

What do you mean by Guaranteed Deadlines?

Exactly what it means! Your paper is FREE if we don't deliver your paper by the time agreed upon.

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